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The Mobile Maximizer Team put us on the track to growth that is moving our business to the next level

Jess M.


Mark S.


We were skeptical going into the new parts of our marketing campaigns, but we are all in now as the results are the proof

Robert M.


Thanks for your continued follow up we are glad we decided to use your team to help us automate our marketing process. Thanks!

Jack L.

Marketing Director

Thanks Jim to you and your team!

Not only do we love our new ease in communicating with our customers with the Mobile App but our customers love it when their notifications pop-up on their phone alerting them to a special or a coming event.

Paul R.

CEO - Founder

Jim, just as you said only better. We are not only getting leads through existing customers but the repeat business is growing week over week.

Thank you to you and your team!

Josh A.



Jim Our Founder and Managing Partner

Jim Face

Jim O'Brien is the Founding and Managing Partner of The Mobile Maximizer Group, LLC., a Massachusetts-based marketing agency. Jim has grown multiple highly successful businesses by learning about and using Online Marketing and Digital Tools to grow and stabilize his own businesses early on.

Realizing this was a process he could duplicate outside of his current construction business, Jim started The Mobile Maximizer Group, LLC. 

Originally, the business utilized the success drawn from the construction companies' survival of the 2007-2008 construction crash. Jim started helping other local businesses outside his current construction industry grow and stabilize their businesses. 

Looking forward, Jim's Marketing Agency is focused on helping business owners by installing systems that automate their marketing. With systems focused on ongoing growth, client retention, and strengthening their position in their specific niche, the business owners can now focus on doing what they love.

Since retiring from his construction business, The Mobile Maximizer Group has focused on the construction industry, specifically Kitchen and bath Remodelers and Contractors.

Social Media Ad Launcher

Try our Click, Capture, Close qualified lead generation system to take your remodeling leads and your business to a new level

Automated Marketing Systems

Our digital marketing tools will help you harness the power of SMS to rapidly communicate to one client or your entire client base

Wide Range Of Talent

Our expert team of skilled professionals are ready to help you

Fast Delivery

We will make your project our priority and deliver the highest quality

#1 Support

We are here to help you succeed every step along the way


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Web Design/Hosting

We offer an eye-catching and affordable web design/hosing service featuring multiple pattern interrupters and engagement techniques

Yes the money is in the list, and we are now growing our list and our business


Company Mission Statement

Our Mission and Commitment to the CConstruction Businesses we serve is Simple: 

The Mobile Maximizer Group will work with suitable businesses with a minimum of 3+ years in business to create growth and ongoing customer retention creating automated systems using digital technology pairing with the customer's existing marketing campaigns wherever possible.

Jim Face

Managing Member

The Mobile Maximizer Group, LLC

Jim O'Brien



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We Craft Automated Marketing Systems

That Grow Remodeling Contractor's Businesses

Web Instant Connect

Installing digital marketing tools will let your web visitors connect with you using SMS, Phone, WhatsApp, and email. You control to whom it is directed and the available hours

Client Loyalty Systems

Keep existing customers coming back for more, by letting them know you value their business with loyalty programs that reward them for their business.

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Push Notifications

Use the ultimate permission based marketing and send push notifications to your customers for the latest products, sales, and more.


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